Episode #3 – St. Pancras of Rome

Episode #3 – St. Pancras of Rome

St Pancras of Rome


Ave Maria!

A famous train station in London is named after him, but who was St. Pancras of Rome?

Would you have been able to suffer martyrdom for Christ at the age of 14?

Listen to today’s episode to hear about this amazing saint who loved Christ even unto death.

St. Pancras of Rome, pray for us. 


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Show length: 06:07

Show Notes:

  • St Pancras was only 14 when he had his head cut off by the Emperor Diocletian
  • Relics of him still exist today, after they were nearly destroyed
  • Find out why he is so popular in England

St Pancras is truly amazing – download the episode and be inspired by his act of martyrdom for Christ.


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The Hagiographer

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