Episode #4 – St. Athanasius

Episode #4 – St. Athanasius


Ave Maria!

“The whole world groaned, to find itself Arian”
– St. Jerome

The Edict of Milan had signaled the end of the cruel persecutions by the Roman authorities. Christians were finally free to worship publicly and the future looked bright. But a terrible scourge was to befall the Church. Heresies were rampant and Arianism was the worst of them all.

In the early 4th century all had seemed hopeless, but the Patriarch of Alexandria, St. Athanasius, was sent by God to defend the Faith. Listen to today’s episode to find out more about that great defender of orthodoxy, St Athanasius, as he battles heretics and emperors throughout his entire life in defense of Christ’s Church and true doctrine.

St. Athanasius, pray for us.


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Show length: 20:38

Show Notes:

  • St. Athanasius attended the Council of Nicea and was well received
  • He was exiled from Alexandria 5 times
  • Arians accused him of murdering a man, cutting off the hand and using it for black magic. St Athanasius was able to present the man, hands and all
  • He was a friend of the Desert Fathers and wrote a biography of St. Antony

There is a lot more to St. Athanasius – download the episode to find out what a tenacious fight he put up against the heretics.


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