Episode #5 – St. Gengulphus of Burgundy

Episode #5 – St. Gengulphus of Burgundy


Ave Maria!

A devout nobleman with an adulteress wife: today on The Lives of the Saints we chronicle Saint Gengulphus of Burgundy.

He was a holy man but his wife was wretched, to say the least. She committed adultery with a clerk in St Gengulphus’ service, the same clerk who killed him.

In these troubled times, especially with regards to the abuse of the Sacrament of Marriage, let us call upon St. Gengulphus to intercede for us and protect our marriages.

St Gengulphus, pray for us. 


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Show length: 09:03

Show Notes:

  • St Gengulphus was of high-ranking social status, but still gave generously to the poor
  • His wife committed adultery with a clerk in his service
  • Rather than punish her, he provided for her and withdrew from worldly life
  • The clerk attempted to decapitate St Gengulphus, who died a few days later from his wounds
  • The clerk met the same fate as Arius.

There is so much more to learn about St Gengulphus. Listen to the episode to find out about this holy martyr for marriage!


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The Hagiographer

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