Our Purpose

The purpose and aim of The Lives of the Saints Podcast is to make the Saints of the Catholic Church more accessible to the faithful. In our busy lives not everyone has the time to sit down and read a book on the saints; with our podcast we hope to make the saints available to you even while you are driving, out for a walk or even at work.

Our intention is to have relatively short overviews of the saints, particularly saints who aren’t as well known in the Church, for your edification. And from these episodes the hope is you can grow in love and devotion to those saints who really inspire you.


Episodes will be about 15-20 minutes in length on average. For more popular saints, such as St Therese, St Francis, St Anthony etc. we will do longer episodes of about 45 minutes. We intend to do about 1-2 “well known” saints a month, and the other episodes will be about “lesser known” saints. How well “known” a saint is, is a completely arbitrary attribute which we cannot quantify, so please do not read anything into it if we refer to a saint you love as “lesser known”.

We intend to release 1-2 episodes a week as well as have monthly special of a topic relating to the saints, such as (but not limited to): Married saints, royal saints, the canonization process, martyrs etc.

Saints are chosen totally at random at the whim of all of us here at The Lives of the Saints Podcast. We intend to cover canonized saints for the most part, however, a few blesseds and venerables may sneak their way in as we see fit.

Is it free?

Of course! We wouldn’t dream charging anything to listen to the lives of the Church Triumphant. That being said, because making a podcast does take time and money please consider donating so we can keep presenting the lives of the Saints for all.

Will you profile Saint So-and-So?

The catalogue of saints in the Catholic Church is vast, but hopefully, one day we will cover a saint who is really dear to you. If there is a saint you would really like us to profile, contact us and we’ll try to do an episode on them as soon as possible.


We intend The Lives of the Saints to be a purely devotional project and we do not claim to be academic hagiographers here at the podcast. If you hear anything you think may need correcting, or wish to let the community know more about a certain Saint, please feel free to contact us.

Furthermore, in accordance with the decrees of Pope Urban VIII, we do not intend to offer anything that is contrary to the teachings of the Church. If we, God forbid, end up doing so, it is purely out of ignorance and not malice. We submit any and all parts of our podcast to the decrees and authority of the Catholic Church in all doctrinal matters.

Who is the Hagiographer?

The hagiographer is a sinner from Canada, who is deeply in the love with the Saints. He hopes to inspire others with his love, because he knows if it wasn’t for the help of many saints in Heaven, he’d be spiritually toast! He desires to remain anonymous, however, so that the podcast may be purely about the saints and not about him. If you asked him his favourite saint, however, you would have to grab a chair because he has tons. Though he claims St Joseph, St Nicholas, St Therese, St Bernadette and St Maximillian Kolbe as his ‘top 5’ (obviously not including Our Lady, for she is in a category all unto Herself).


The background music, as well as the music for the intro and the outro is provided by the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Please visit the website of the Sisters and consider helping them out!


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