Episode #6 – St. Zdislava of Lemberka

Episode #6 – St. Zdislava of Lemberka


Ave Maria!

She was a wife and a mother; a noble who took care of the poor.

Not only that, but she was one of the first ever Dominican tertiaries. She learned about the Order of St. Dominic from St. Hyacinth, one of St Dominic’s first disciples.

Learn from St Zdislava how to be a married person and yet still become a saint. Contrary to popular belief, marriage is not a hindrance to sainthood! Listen to today’s episode to find out more.

St Zdislava of Lemberka, pray for us. 


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Show length: 08:55

Show Notes:

  • Her mother was a Mediterranean princess
  • Zdislava grew up in northern present-day Czech Republic
  • She would sneak out at night to help build a church
  • She regularly took care of the poor and sick, housing them in her castle
  • Havel, her husband, had a vision of her after she died

St. Zdislava is the perfect role model for the married – listen to today’s episode to find out more!


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