Episode #7 – St. Paula Frassinetti

Episode #7 – St. Paula Frassinetti


Ave Maria!

She had four brothers, all who became priests. And she herself became a nun, founding an order for the evangelization for poor and needy children

A friend of Blessed Pope Pius IX, St. Paula lived and worked in Rome, under the terrible scourge of anti-Catholic persecutions that were rampant in the 19th century.

Find out more about this most humble, most holy servant of Christ on today’s episode of The Lives of the Saints.

St. Paula Frassinetti, pray for us.


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Show length: 07:57

Show Notes:

  • St. Paula had 4 brothers, all of whom became priests
  • She was mocked for her plans of her order
  • She was a personal friend of Blessed Pope Pius IX
  • Her order now has a worldwide presence

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